Production of high-quality tableware mould products supported by technical expertise and know-how for the World tableware glass industry.

Merkad manufactures glass moulds, equipment and machine parts for the Tableware Glass Industry in all over the World . We provide high-quality consistent products supported by our technical expertise with high speed CNC Machining Centers. Merkad has over 30 years experience and know-how in manufacturing of tableware glass moulds. Today Merkad is the topnotch and leading Tableware mould manufacturing factory that offers high quality mould machining, design engineering, quick delivery for complete moulds, equipment and machine parts. Merkad is located in Istanbul - Turkey with 75 highly skilled employees, the factory consists of "State of the art" machine park. Merkad continually invests in new mold making technologies, machines, devices and design software to offer better mould products with innovations and competitive prices. The main target of MERKAD developments is to increase the efficiency and quality of the glass production of our customers with high-quality Tableware molds and equipment