Merkad’s production department is fully equipped with "state-of-the-art" CNC High-Speed Machining Centres, CNC Lathe and Electro Erosion machines, and the most sophisticated CAD/CAM system for flexibility in manufacturing high-quality mould equipment.

Merkad’s process expertise starts with highly trained personnel, utilizing a CAD/CAM system, which is capable of interacting over the worldwide web with individual customers.

Another process, which Merkad's production planning team also utilizes, is ERP software, in order to track all jobs along the way through the production process. The production department keeps computerized schedules to stay "ahead" of each process and obtains current updates from all phases of production. This process enables the company to give the best accurate production and delivery time to its customers.Other types of specialized processes include powder welding, ceramic coating and hard chromium coatings.