Merkad pays great attention to keep the quality of its products at international level and makes serious efforts to obtain further success of its brand, which has secured a special place in the glass industry. As a result of these efforts, Merkad was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System Certificate in 2009.

Quality Policy

Merkad's quality policy is to be a " Total Quality Organization", which is managed with a modern, technological point of view, and also to maintain continuous improvement for meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Quality Control

All intermediate processes and products, from raw materials to finished products, are controlled by advanced machinery and the professional Quality Assurance Department to provide Merkad's quality assurance.


Merkad also has a calibration lab in its plant where it calibrates its measuring devices with gauge blocks and testers, which are traceable according to an international system. Having an internal calibration lab provides shorter calibration periods.